Oral Storytelling Tradition – Introduction to The Land of Legends

Torsdag 13 Juni

09:00 - 16:00


Garvaren Sal Strålfors


Meg Nömgård

Anna Blomster

Peter Albinsson

Tine Winther

Ola Hemström

In November 2018, The Land of Legends was adopted to the Unesco Register of Good Safeguarding Practice under the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. A core word in the Convention is sharing. During two days, folklorists, scholars, radio producers and storytellers will explore and share different ways to work with oral tradition in the past, present, and in the future.

Day one will be dedicated to the work that is carried through in the Land of Legends. Join us for a tour in the Land of Legends. Get a guided tour at the Museum and listen to interesting lectures on how we work to safeguard the Intangible Cultural Heritage of oral storytelling in schools, our plans to develop the Land of Legends and deepen the work with the Convention for the Safeguarding of ICH, and how a devastating storm was coped with through storytelling.

The seminar will be held in English.

-Day one includes the seminar, lunch, coffee, and the grand opening of the festival
-Day two includes the seminar, lunch, coffee and the performance ”Horizon” with Ragnhild Morch.To register, contact the Museum of Legends, 0372-14855 or at Biljettkiosken.se/berattarfestivalen

The seminar has been made possible with generous support from Kungliga Gustavus Adolphus Academy for Swedish Folkculture. www.gustavadolfsakademien.se

Pris 95 Euro/day, 152 Euros for both days! The seminar is not included in the festival pass.


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